Приходиться выпрашивать секс у жены

He's got a lot of money , ha un mucchio di soldi; possiede un bel po' di denaro; Mary has got red hair , Mary ha i capelli rossi; What have you got in your hand? I get my bread from the local baker le compro el pan al panadero del barrio; I got it from Harrods lo compré en Harrods; we get them from Italy — they supply our business los traen de Italia.

I can't get over your news, I would never have thought it possible!

Приходиться выпрашивать секс у жены

The children are getting up a play for next week. I'll make sure it gets to you by tomorrow — me aseguraré de que te llegue mañana. I've got a headache — ho il mal di testa.

Приходиться выпрашивать секс у жены

She yelled at the dog to get. I got quite a shock ich habe einen ganz schönen Schock bekommen! He got the children tired and cross.

Did you get the look on his face? I must get my watch repaired , devo fare riparare l'orologio; to get one's hair cut , farsi tagliare i capelli; to get sb. I got lots of presents — me hicieron muchos regalos.

I must get into training soon; the cricket season starts next month. This is also true of offensive comments get stuffed etc where the appropriate entry would be stuff. He got the children tired and cross.

The children tried to build a hut in the garden, but the work got past them and they had to ask their father to help.

I've got toothache — tengo dolor de muelas. I didn't quite get what you said , non ho sentito bene quello che hai detto. I must get this watch fixed — tengo que llevar a or AmL tb mandar a arreglar este reloj.

You've got to do the dishes. I don't know how poor people get through these cold winters. I should get my teeth fixed — tendría que arreglarme los dientes.

The snow was so deep that the climbers could not get through to the hut. The children didn't quite get onto what the teacher was saying. She yelled at the dog to get.

I don't get much from his lectures — seine Vorlesungen geben mir nicht viel. He got this information from the Internet. She yelled at the dog to get.

I got my arm broken ich habe mir den Arm gebrochen. I've got this poem off by heart already. What did you get out of his lecture?

I've got onto a good idea for improving production. BRIT pej sl see git. I don't believe you à d'autres! He gets a good pension , prende una buona pensione; How much do you get a week?

I didn't get your name — no entendí tu nombre. B vi p prés -tt- ; prét got ; pp got , gotten US. I'm getting nowhere with this essay — je n'avance pas dans cette dissertation. He got his arm broken in the fight. I got lots of presents — me hicieron muchos regalos.

Un panorama unique de l'anglais et du français. He couldn't get across the river; I got the book down from the shelf. I'll get them there somehow — je les ferai parvenir d'une façon ou d'une autre. I don't get it inf — da komme ich nicht mit inf.

He got a bicycle for his birthday. When did they get home?

Though the message was clear, it took long to get it over to the minds of Americans. I never really got to know him — nunca llegué a conocerlo de verdad. I got him to agree: I'll get the number for you switchboard — ich verbinde Sie mit der Nummer. This continuous wet weather is getting me down.

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